Corporate culture


I. Mission, Vision and Values
Mission: Better Paper, Better Life 
——Indicating the significance of Shanying’s presence and reflecting Shanying International’s social responsibilities 
Vision: Being a global leading provider of integrated green solutions that creates long-term value for customers
——Indicating where Shanying moves toward and describing Shanying’s blueprint and goals 
Core values: Integrity, Cooperation, Excellence and Achievement  
Integrity——Be trustworthy and keep promises
Cooperation——Be honest and transparent for win-win cooperation
Excellence——Pursue excellence and make the best better
Achievement——Aim high and empower others
——Focusing more on Shanyingers’ spiritual motivation under the cultural background of “integrity, caring, passion and responsibility”.

II. Shanying’s Core Competitiveness
One base and one core, development with two orientations 
One base——Long term
One core——Integrated industrial solution oriented to end customers
Development with two orientations——
Society oriented: Adhere to green environmental protection
Industry oriented: Adhere to ecological and win-win cooperation

III. The interpretation of core values in the Chairman’s Elaboration on Cultur

The core values have been refined this time to focus more on Shanyingers’ portrait under the cultural background of “integrity, caring, passion and responsibility”, and to be understood more intuitively and practiced more easily. The Chairman’s Elaboration on Culture has been summarized to give guidelines (see the attachment for details).
Ecological Shanying, built to last. The new strategy calls for a new mission and a new vision. Shanyingers will make constant efforts to leave extraordinary imprints on the journey of “creating a new Shanying and pursuing new dreams”!