Profile of Yibin Xiangtai


As the holding company subordinate to Shanying International, Yibin Xiangtai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xingwen County, Yibin, Sichuan Province, is one of the largest factories manufacturing molded fiber food containers in China. The investment amount of the undertaken project is one billion yuan, and the project occupies about 49 acres of lands in Xingwen Economic-Technological Development Zone. The project is divided into two phases. In Phase I, 350 million yuan is invested to construct a new standardized plant that occupies 20 thousand square meters of land and involves a production line for manufacturing bamboo pulp environmental-friendly food containers, with an expected annual output being 20 thousand tons. In the second phase, 650 million yuan will be invested to expand the standardized plant, the bamboo pulp environmental-friendly food containers production line and to upgrade related ancillary facilities. With the completion of Phase II, it is expected that the output of bamboo pulp environmental-friendly food containers will reach 60 thousand tons per year. And with the completion of two phases, the annual yield of the bamboo pulp environmental-friendly food containers will reach 80 thousand tons and the output value will amount to over 1.6 billion yuan.

Natural bamboo pulp and sugarcane pulp are adopted as the raw materials to produce pulp molded food containers, and various advanced processes are applied in the production. We are committed to protecting the environment and providing green, safe and high-quality products and services for our consumers. We are dedicated to manufacturing environmental-friendly products, which are meeting the standards for complete biodegradation of household and industrial compost and widely used in packaging and catering businesses.



Investment scale:
The total investment: ~RMB 600-700 million / €112 million,Full Capacity: ~60,000t,One of the largest molded fiber production bases;
Phase I: 20,000t;

Phase II: 40,000t;



Project advantages:
1、Transportation: Convenient transportation especially for export to Europe;China-Europe Railway Express: 12 days from Yinbin, China to Lodz, Poland;Water Carriage: 7 days to Shanghai through Yangzi River.

2、Raw Material: Next to the origin of bamboo and the bamboo pulp plant;Location:  located in China’s largest bamboo producing area, ~10 kilometers to Yongfeng Bamboo Pulp Mill*.

3、Energy: Benefit from lower natural gas cost;Close to natural gas plant and obtain cheaper gas price.


Our Machine:

Free trimming free punching fully automatic machine is only 7.5KW&5.5KW, and with patent free trimming, free punching technology which is energy saving, with high efficiency, and can reduce the cost of the production base by 15%.

Compared with the semi-automatic equipment used in the domestic Molded Fiber industry at present, we adopt the most advanced automatic production equipment in China and realize the full automatic production of the entire production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, improves the product quality and ensures the competitive advantage of the products. 



Customized OEM Service:

1、Our R&D team is able to design new modules according to different needs of customers and produce products of different weight, style and specification;

2、The most advanced CAD-CAM computer and  CNC automatic NC machine guarantee the accuracy of module producing;

3、Support relief logo design;

4、Unbleached pulp and bleached pulp can be chosen.


Certificates & Qualifications: